Smell Training At AOO

By AOO on May 10, 2021 under Otolaryngology / ENT

Smell Training At AOO

Associates of Otolaryngology is pleased to announce that we are offering olfactory training for patients with complaints of dysosmia. We would be happy to evaluate and treat your patients with smell complaints.

What is Olfactory Training?

·         Post-infectious olfactory dysfunction is the most common cause of olfactory dysfunction.

·         Research shows that olfactory (smell) training is an accepted treatment form for olfactory dysfunction, particularly in post-infectious olfactory dysfunction (PIOD), as well as those with post-head trauma dysfunction and idiopathic dysfunction where the cause is unknown.

·         Olfactory training in these studies was performed using a variety of odors including, fruity, flowery, resinous, and spicy.

·         Subjects were exposed to varied odors twice daily for a period of 12 weeks.

·         Results showed improved olfactory function in test subjects over a period of 12 weeks compared to non-olfactory training subjects.

Choi, B. Y., Jeong, H., Noh, H., Park, J. Y., Cho, J. H., & Kim, J. K. (2021). Effects of Olfactory Training in Patients With Postinfectious Olfactory Dysfunction. Clinical and Experimental Otorhinolaryngology14(1), 88–92.

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If you are struggling with smell complications, schedule a consultation with us at Associates of Otolaryngology. We will help to diagnose your condition and provide you with the right treatment for your needs.