EarWell Infant Ear Correction

In Denver, Lone Tree, CO

What is EarWell?

EarWell is an infant ear correction system that addresses ear deformities in infants. Treatment with the EarWell system is completely noninvasive and effective at treating 90% of ear deformities in infants. The EarWell system is made up of four parts that work to remodel and mold the cartilage of the ear to a more natural shape.

Why Choose EarWell?

Many parents choose EarWell for their child when they notice an ear deformity to effectively remodel the child’s ear. EarWell can be used to improve the following ear deformities in infants:

  • Prominent ears or ears that stick out
  • Stahl’s ear that points or consists of extra cartilage
  • Cup ear that is folded over
  • Other abnormalities involving the cartilage

Choosing EarWell for your child at a young age can prevent the need for a surgical procedure later on in life. When infants, the ears are soft and easily molded, allowing for more success with early intervention. The EarWell system is most successful for infants three weeks and younger.

How EarWell Works

EarWell consists of four separate parts; an external shell that goes over the ear, a retractor that shapes the rim of the ear, a conchal former that molds the middle of the ear, and a soft anterior shell that keeps everything together. The device should remain on the infant’s ear for 4-6 weeks, ensuring that the cartilage holds its new shape.

The EarWell device is comfortable with little risks associated with it. Some infants might develop a skin rash or irritation under the device. After treatment with EarWell, long-lasting results can be achieved for a more natural-looking shape to the ear that continues to develop normally.

To learn more about EarWell and to find out if the EarWell system can correct your infant’s ear deformity, contact our office and schedule your consultation with one of our ENT specialists at AOO/ENT specialists of the Rockies.

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