Nasal Polyps

In some cases, polyps grow into the nasal passage. They usually originate at the sinus openings. Polyps are like teardrop-shaped collections of inflammatory cells, fluid, and tissue. They are covered by a mucous membrane. They can grow in response to infection, allergy, locations of abnormal contact, or for unknown reasons. When polyps are widespread, it is usually from some underlying mucosal abnormality.







Frequently Asked Questions

What are nasal polyps commonly associated with?

Nasal polyps are the result of chronic inflammation and are often associated with issues such as recurring infections, asthma, allergies, immune disorders, or drug sensitivity.

Is nasal polyps surgery painful?

Some discomfort can be expected after nasal polyp surgery, but this can be treated using prescription or over-the-counter medications.

When should I be worried about nasal polyps?

You should see a doctor if your nasal polyp symptoms last longer than 10 days.

Can nasal polyps cause shortness of breath?

Nasal polyps may cause shortness of breath due to blocking the nasal passages.

How fast do nasal polyps grow?

Nasal polyp growth varies. Typically, a polyp will continue to grow for several months.

Are you awake during nasal polyp removal?

Most nasal polyp removal surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, meaning you are not awake.

Can nasal polyps affect your eyes?

Advanced or extreme cases of nasal polyps can affect the vision, resulting in double vision due to changes in the facial structure.

How long does a nasal polyp surgery take?

In most cases, nasal polyp surgery takes about 30 minutes or more to complete.

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