The tongue is a very strong muscle that has the ability to affect speech or contribute to sleep disorders. The following procedures can be added to your treatment plan by your doctor to increase your comfort, function, and confidence.


“Tongue-tie” or more medically known as Ankyloglossia, a physical condition that limits the mobility of the tongue, and can also interfere with speech. The tongue is vital for speech and swallowing and for this reason having “tongue-tie” can lead to problems while eating or talking.

To provide relief for this issue, a frenulectomy can be performed. General anesthesia may be used when a frenulectomy is performed on a child, but adults typically have this procedure done with only local anesthesia. While frenulectomy is relatively quick, it can have a very positive effect on speech.

Tongue Suspension

Tongue placement plays a major role in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea because the positioning of the tongue can have the ability to be intrusive. The positioning of the tongue can cause issues with the breathing and even make snoring louder with the tongue and soft palette making contact. A tongue suspension is a minimally invasive procedure that involves stabilization of the tongue’s base using special sutures to anchor the tongue in a better position.

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