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Frequently Asked Questions Hearing Test

Are hearing tests accurate?

Yes, when performed by our audiologists, hearing tests for children and infants are very good at identifying hearing loss in children who cannot express their own hearing ability.

Can Hearing Loss Cause ADHD?

ADHD is not a specific condition but rather a collection of symptoms. A child with undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss can display these symptoms, including inattentiveness, difficulty with social skills, and responding poorly or failing to respond to questions.

Can a child outgrow hearing loss?

Certain childhood conditions that cause hearing loss can be outgrown. If a child does not pass a hearing screening, there can be many reasons why this would occur and a full evaluation by an otolaryngologist is indicated.

Can hearing loss cause behavior problems?

To some extent, yes, children with hearing loss can act out in unexpected ways due to a lack of understanding of their environment.

Can hearing loss in infants be reversed?

Depending on the extent and type of hearing loss, there may be treatments available through assistive devices or surgery. There is currently no treatment for damage to the inner ear or auditory nerve malfunction.

Can hearing loss mimic autism?

Several of the common symptoms associated with hearing loss do overlap with some symptoms of autism. If you suspect your child is having trouble hearing, its important to get a definitive diagnosis from a licensed audiologist or otolaryngologist.

How do I get my childs hearing tested?

Both children and infants who dont pass a hearing screening should schedule an appointment with a doctor of audiology or otolaryngologist to have a full hearing test performed to diagnose the condition.

How do I know if my 4 year old has hearing problems?

The only way to know if your child has a legitimate hearing problem is to have a comprehensive hearing evaluation performed by an audiologist.

How do you test a babys hearing?

A hearing screening is performed before new parents leave the hospital. They use a device that measures your babys electrical impulses when hearing tones played through a soft earphone. In the office, other types of tests can be performed to confirm the presence or absence of hearing in infants.

What ages should kids be screened for hearing loss?

Its recommended that kids are screened almost every year up until age 10, or at least every other year. In addition, older kids should be tested several times until they graduate high school, or any time their hearing ability changes.

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