What is a Snoreplasty?

An injection snoreplasty is an in-office procedure for the reduction of snoring. It is performed under local anesthesia to make it more comfortable for the patient. Snoring is eliminated by injecting a sclerosing agent to strengthen and firm the soft palate and uvula. This, in turn, prevents the vibration of softer tissues that create the noise of snoring.

How is a Snoreplasty Done?

Before a snoreplasty can be done, we like to perform an in-office evaluation of the upper airway to see if this procedure is right for you. Breathing-related sleep disorders can involve factors other than snoring. The procedure itself is quick, lasting only 30 minutes. To start, your doctor will use a topical anesthetic to numb the back of the throat for your comfort. After your throat is adequately numb, a small amount of sclerosing fluid is injected in the palate towards the base of the uvula.

Snoreplasty Recovery

You may experience a mild sore throat or some tenderness at the site of the injection. There should be no voice changes or need to change your diet during the recovery period. The soft palate and uvula will feel swollen for a few days after the injection but can be managed with over the counter pain medications. You will have the ability to return to work or other daily activities the same day of treatment. The improvement of your snoring may not be noticeable right away because the soft palate will need time to respond to the injections and firm up. Once these areas are firmer and cause less movement you will be able to hear the change in your snoring habits because of the reduction in vibration.

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