While some individuals are born with deformities of the ear, trauma or poorly formed cartilage can also cause deformities. While this may be a cause for self-consciousness in many, these conditions can be surgically corrected, without altering the patient’s hearing.

What are Ear Deformities?

Ear deformities can occur in the form of misshapen ears, drooping ears, or torn earlobes. Microtia can occur when the formation of the ear during development is interrupted, resulting in differences in ear shape. Lop ear is a condition that is inherited, in which the cartilage in the upper portion of the ear does not form. Ears can also be damaged or lost to injury. Each of these conditions is unique and has its own form of corresponding facial treatment.

How are Ear Deformities Treated?

Ear deformities can be treated using a variety of methods, depending on the individual case. For prominent ears that lack folds, stitches can be placed in the upper ear cartilage to prop to ear up. Scar tissue will then form to hold the ear in its new position. Because the cartilage is more pliable and easier to reshape early in life, it is recommended that this surgery is done at a young age. Protruding ears can be reshaped to better fit the proportions of the head and face. A consultation can help to best determine which type of ear deformity correction can best benefit you.  Those struggling with damage ear lobes may be interested in Earlobe Repair in Denver.

Ear Deformity Repair Recovery

Following ear surgery, patients may experience discomfort, which can be controlled with pain medication. Patients may also experience an itchy feeling under their bandages, though it is essential to keep bandages on to obtain optimal results. Surgery recovery time will differ depending on the type and invasiveness of surgery.

If you are living with an ear deformity that you wish to treat, contact our Denver office today. Our otolaryngologists strive to offer patients with effective treatment for an improved quality of life.

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