How to Apply the EarWell Device

By AOO on November 12, 2021 under EarWell

How to Apply the EarWell Device

Ear deformities are common to find after giving birth, which can cause distress for parents who notice their baby’s ear doesn’t look right. While in some cases this problem goes away on its own, and the ear develops normally over the course of the next few years, sometimes it doesn’t, leading to a facial feature that’s often the subject of scrutiny and teasing.

Fortunately, when these issues are identified and treated early, there is a very high success and satisfaction rate in adjusting the shape of a newborn’s ears with the EarWell ear molding system.

Issues the EarWell Device Can Solve

The EarWell device features a proprietary design that fits around the outside of the ears and holds different parts of the ear in place to gently encourage tissue growth in certain directions and proportions. The goal of this device is to correct cosmetic ear deformities in infants. It is not a solution for under-development of the ears, a condition known as microtia, wherein parts of the middle or outer ear did not form correctly before birth.

Your doctor customizes the configuration of the device to suit your child’s needs with a quick appointment once a week for about six weeks. These are some common scenarios that we would recommend using the EarWell device for:

  • Prominent ears or protruding ears
  • Lidding
  • Helical compression
  • Constricted ear or lop ear

How the EarWell Device Works

EarWell utilizes several soft rubber retractors to gently pull and hold the soft ear tissue into place. The ears at birth are moldable structures, as they grow and develop the more firm cartilage that characterizes a fully developed ear. This is different from ear surgery, or otoplasty, in which a fully developed ear can be adjusted in shape and prominence by manipulating the structure and distribution of cartilage with an incision.

During each weekly check-in, your doctor will reevaluate the growth of the ear to determine the progress of treatment. They will also adjust the retractors as needed to achieve normal-looking results. This process normally takes about six weeks, but can be shorter or longer depending on the degree of correction needed and the age of the infant.

Benefits of EarWell

The EarWell infant ear re-shaping device has several benefits for both parents and infants, including:

  • It is FDA approved, meaning that it has undergone several testing procedures to approve its safety and effectiveness
  • EarWell is a painless process and doesn’t require any invasive procedures
  • EarWell procedures boast a 90% success rate and very high patient satisfaction
  • EarWell is an affordable option for ear-reshaping when compared to cosmetic ear surgery
  • The device may be covered by some insurance programs to help reduce its cost

Schedule a Consultation About Infant Ear Deformities

Ear deformities can easily make parents worried about the health, wellbeing, and future of their child. Fortunately, various solutions such as the EarWell system, are ideal for correcting this problem.

While it takes a few weeks, the EarWell Device practically guarantees improvement over time. If you’re worried that your baby’s ear doesn’t look normal, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Associates of Otolaryngology as soon as possible. Our board-certified ENTs can diagnose and find a treatment to help your child develop a normal, natural-looking set of ears without the need for surgery now or later in life. Learn more and schedule your EarWell consultation by calling our office or contacting us online today.