When an exterior force makes contact with the nose, it can cause various cracks or even a tiny fracture in the bone making the nose appear crooked or swollen. At the time of the fracture, you may experience immediate swelling, bruising, and even bleeding if it is more extreme. In less severe cases, you may simply have tenderness or bruising around the nose and eyes.

What is a Nasal Fracture?

A nasal fracture can be a result of excessive force from contact sports, a fall, vehicle accidents, or various other activities. In some cases, a break may cause additional issues such as a deviated septum, a septal hematoma, or damage to the cartilage. In these cases, a more intricate facial procedure may be required to prevent further damage and side effects including cartilage damage, trouble breathing, etc.

How is a Nasal Fracture Procedure Done?

Nasal fractures can vary in severity and may require one of three various treatments or procedures that must be performed around one week after the break. For smaller fractures that did not result in an alteration in shape, you may simply require medication and decongestants in order to be more comfortable while it heals. When the nose is displaced, the bone may need to be realigned and packing may be inserted to stop the bleeding. The realignment procedure will begin with local anesthesia or pain medication for a more comfortable process. Patients with more complex breaks may require a Rhinoplasty or Septorhinoplasty to realign or reshape your nose. Recommendations for your procedure can be made after a thorough evaluation.

Nasal Fracture Recovery

Depending on your case and if you underwent a more extensive surgery, patients commonly see a reduction in swelling anywhere from four to fourteen days’ post-procedure. You may be slightly congested and experience minor headaches, but in such case, you will be prescribed pain medication or an over-the-counter medication will be suggested to minimize the pain. If you are undergoing a Rhinoplasty or Septorhinoplasty, you will need approximately one week of downtime.

Patients who experience a nasal fracture generally must act quickly in treatment, but you want to work with a team of experts who will also give you the best outcome. Contact the Associates of Otolaryngology today to schedule your appointment in Denver or Lone Tree, Colorado today.

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