Benefits of Testing Sleep at Home

By AOO on December 14, 2017 under Sleep Apnea, Sleep Health

Benefits of Testing Sleep at Home

A sleep test might be ordered by your doctor to diagnose or rule out certain conditions such as sleep apnea. In many cases, a sleep test can be performed at home, instead of having to go into a sleep center. If you’ve been putting off your sleep test due to the inconvenience or even fear of trying to sleep in an unfamiliar setting, you could enjoy these benefits from a sleep test at home!

More Convenient

Traveling to and staying the night in a sleep center can be a big disturbance in your daily life. that’s why many patients delay their appointment or fail to make one at all! With an at-home sleep test, you don’t have to worry about it interrupting your regular routine. Even if you did decide to schedule your appointment in a sleep center, there is often a long waiting period.

Accurate Results

Having a sleep study in Denver in the comfort of your own home allows you to sleep when and where you normally would. Falling asleep and staying asleep in an unfamiliar environment can be challenging and possibly skew results. More accurate results can come from having your study at home in your normal sleep setting. This helps our sleep specialists determine the best sleeping treatment for you.

In-Office Sleeping Tests

At Associates of Otolaryngology, we also provide in-office sleeping tests to help you through your sleeping difficulties. It’s our priority to help you through the diagnosis stage, all the way through treatment, so you can get better sleep throughout the night.

To learn more about at home sleep testing or to schedule a consultation, contact Associates of the Otolaryngology.