If you are having trouble getting a restful night sleep and it has begun to interfere with your daily life, It may be time for you to consider a home sleep study. Getting to the root of your sleep interruptions can greatly improve your energy levels, productivity, and overall health.

What is a Home Sleep Study?

A sleep study is a test performed in order to help doctors diagnose sleep disorders based on and individual’s sleep behaviors. It is very difficult to diagnose sleep disorders in a normal doctor office visit so your doctor will be able to make a more sound diagnosis by using evidence from your sleep patterns.

For a home sleep study, the test will be done in the comfort of your own home. Performing the test in your own home helps increase the accuracy. The test will monitor your brain and body activity which hopefully will reveal any factors leading to your lack of sleep

How is a Sleep Study Done?

Once you are situated, you will be connected to monitors via sensors or electrodes on your head and body but you will still have the ability to move around and get comfortable. Once you fall asleep, an EEG monitors the different stages of sleep and the process of REM, non-REM or NREM sleep the progress through the night. By studying these cycles, your doctor can identify potential sources of disruption in your sleep patterns. A sleep study also has the ability to read eye movements, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, snoring, and movement.

Post Sleep Study

After your home sleep study, the data collected will be compiled by a tech and later reviewed by your doctor for a diagnosis. Some of the sleep disorders that can be identified through a sleep study are sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia and periodic limb movement. Once your doctor has identified the cause of your restful sleep interruptions, they will be able to aid you in creating a treatment plan that will get you back on the right path of productive sleep.

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