How to Combat Summer Allergies

By AOO on July 6, 2017 under Allergy

How to Combat Summer Allergies

Seasonal allergy sufferers understand that fall and spring often bring about an array of symptoms. However, summer allergies can be just as annoying. The usual allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and other severe symptoms may require a call to an ENT doctor. Read on to learn more about these symptoms, and what you can do to stay sniffle-free this summer.

Summer Symptoms

While many allergy suffers will experience common symptoms, more severe symptoms can accompany them. These can include dark circles under the eyes, which are called “allergic shiners,” a side effect of swelling and discoloration due to small blood vessels beneath the skin becoming congested.

Nasal allergies can also cause the adenoids to swell, resulting in a fatigued appearance and feeling. Mouth breathing can also occur when the nasal area becomes so congested that breathing out of the nose is not an option. Mouth breathing is also associated in developing dental issues.

Individuals may also experience food pollen syndrome. This occurs when fresh produce cross reacts to inhalant allergens causing allergy symptoms due to allergens like pollen associated with certain fruits and vegetables.

Treatment Options

At Associates of Otolaryngology (AOO), we offer several medications that can help to treat allergy symptoms, including antihistamine, nasal decongestant sprays, steroid sprays, and saline sprays. Those who wish to experience more long-term relief can undergo allergy injections  or sublingual drops to build up protective antibodies to a specific allergen.

Some tips that patients can follow to reduce allergy symptoms include keeping windows closed during heavy pollen counts, changing heating and air conditioning filters regularly, removing indoor plants from the home, and changing out feather pillows for synthetic options.

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