Dr. Varadarajan Review Patient Izzy mackenzie

By on February 9, 2022 under

“I would suggest going to Associates of Otolaryngology for any loss of hearing. Dr Varun Varadarajan was incredibly wonderful. I couldn’t hear out of my left ear for over 6 months due to a motor vehicle accident with constant ringing coming from the ear. 2 bones in my ear were broken and had to be replaced with titanium prosthetics. Dr Varadarajan was able to get me into surgery very quickly. Due to my car accident I received a brain injury as well as my loss of hearing and Dr Varadarajan was able to explain what could possibly be wrong in my ear so I could understand. Dr Varadarajan was very funny, helpful, and so so so much more along with the entire practice. As of today it has been a week since my surgery and my hearing in the ear is returning. I owe everything to Dr Varadarajan. I could not be happier with my treatment and experience with Associates of Otolaryngology and Dr Varun Varadarajan.”