Associates of otolaryngology offer a premier ear, nose, and throat healthcare services in Lone Tree, Denver, and Castle Rock. We ensure the accurate and prompt diagnosis of your health concerns before the most suitable medication and treatment is recommended for your specific requirements. Our team brings to you years of experience, expertise, and the skills required for a wide range of face, neck, and head surgeries offered at our center. Undoubtedly then, we have been the trusted ENT specialists for multi-generational families for more than 4 decades now. Our team is dedicated to offering unparalleled care and treatment for all your ENT concerns and help you alleviate your symptoms.

One of the major treatments we offer is Balloon Sinuplasty. Also known as BSP, it is an effective and safe procedure that is used to treat your sinus when you suffer from chronic sinusitis and want to get relief from the pain symptoms.

Some facts of Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty helps to treat chronic sinusitis as well as its related conditions. You can also use over the counter medication and remedies for symptomatic relief, but balloon sinuplasty is one procedure that will give you a lasting solution.

Balloon Sinuplasty is non-invasive and it is safe

When Balloon Sinuplasty is used, there will be no requirement to cut the nasal tissue or nasal bone. It is a straightforward procedure and it is associated with minimal complications.

Why should you choose Balloon Sinuplasty?

Even though it is a fairly new procedure, Balloon Sinuplasty has been proven safe and effective for most patients. You will see an improvement in your symptoms immediately with just one procedure. Recovery is also shorter than traditional sinus surgery. This FDA-approved procedure is not cosmetic surgery and it does not change the appearance of your nose.

Are you a good candidate for the procedure?

If you have been suffering from persistent sinus infections, and medications haven’t been able to help so far, you are a good candidate for the balloon sinuplasty. An ideal candidate is somebody whose sinus problems are diagnosed early. However, if your sinus opening is severely scarred, it may not be the right procedure for you.

What can be healed with this surgery?

Balloon Sinuplasty can help you with several issues including a deviated septum or large polyps. Until a few years ago, your only option would have been the traditional surgery which was performed under general anesthesia.

The procedure is not painful since topical anesthesia may be used during your Balloon Sinuplasty. There might be a slight sensation of pressure but there is no pain.

How is it performed?

Sinuplasty usually does not require anesthesia and during the procedure, the doctor will insert a tiny flashlight on a wire into your sinus cavity. This is to help him to see what is happening. Afterward, a flexible and slim balloon catheter is used in the sinus passage. This balloon is inflated slowly so that it may expand your sinus opening.  When the balloon is inside the sinus passage, it can restructure the bone near the sinuses. When the process is completed, the doctor retrieves the balloon. This widens the sinus passage and there will be less built-up pressure.

What is the recovery period like?

After the surgery, you can go back to work within 3 to 4 days. You may see some discharge or bloody drainage for a few days after the surgery which will resolve on its own. This is normal after having the surgery. It is possible to experience congestion and fatigue as well. In 5 to 7 days, all these symptoms will disappear.

During the recovery period, you should not blow your nose for 24 hours and must avoid any strenuous activities that increase your heart rate. It will help to keep your head elevated and you should follow the instructions given by our team to have a smooth recovery.

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