Hearing loss can be a result of head injuries, aging, medication, exposure to loud noises, damage within the ear and more. Otosclerosis is one of the most common disorders and may be hereditary or a result of trauma. At AOO, we strive to identify the cause of your hearing loss, as well as treat it. Our team of audiologists work with our physicians to address the needs of the patient, fit hearing aids, specialize in hearing preservation, and more.

What is Otosclerosis?

Otosclerosis is a condition where a person has abnormal bone growth within the ear, causing these bones to be fixed to the stapes bone within the ear. The stapes bone is one of three bones that allow sound waves to vibrate within the ear. When this bone is impaired, it can cause a patient to lose partial or all hearing. Signs of Otosclerosis may first begin with a lack of hearing low-pitched sounds and whispers. You may also experience dizziness or troubles balancing as well as ringing or buzzing within the ear.

How is an Otosclerosis Procedure Done?

The procedure for Otosclerosis is called a Stapedectomy. A Stapedectomy will require general anesthesia and is performed as an outpatient procedure. The surgery will be performed using a microscope through the ear as well as removal of the stapes bone. This bone will then be replaced with a prosthetic to allow for proper ear movement within the middle of the ear.

Otosclerosis Recovery

Following your procedure, you will be able to return home shortly after. You may experience some dizziness and decreased senses for a few weeks to a few months. Within three weeks’ post-procedure, a follow-up appointment will be necessary to remove the packing. Once removed, you will notice a majority of your hearing improvement.

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