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Associates of Otolaryngology offers premier ear, nose, and throat healthcare services to its patients from Monument and surrounding areas. We will listen to you patiently before offering our recommendations and medications specifically suited to your requirements and expectations. We bring to you years of experience in addition to the expertise and artistic skill required for a wide range of head, face, and neck surgeries which are offered at Associates of Otolaryngology. We remain the most trusted ENT specialists for multi-generational families for more than 4 decades now. If you are also looking for exceptional services in the diagnosis and treatment of your ENT concerns, we can help you achieve the results you expect.

Among the many conditions we help treat, allergies remain an important one. Our allergy team cares for each patient, striving to make a difference in the way they feel. Treatment is specialized to the specific needs of each patient. If you require allergy shots, we will explain your options in detail, and we also offer take-home injections since we understand coming in each week for a shot can be challenging.

Understanding Allergies – Cause and Symptoms

Almost 45 million Americans suffer from an allergy. Also known as hay fever, allergic rhinitis is one symptom of allergies. Eczema and asthma are some other allergic reactions. Some of the symptoms of allergies are:

  • Itching eyes
  • Nasal stuffiness and congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Headache
  • Scratchy throat and hoarseness
  • Coughing
  • Hearing changes

Some less-common symptoms include swelling in the face and throat, balance disturbance, skin irritation, and respiratory issues and asthma.

Some of our patients suffer from allergies throughout the year while others face them during certain seasons. The best way to control allergies is by minimizing exposure to the allergen, taking medication, or using allergy shots. A multiple management approach is often the most successful. Over-the-counter drugs may cause drowsiness but are sometimes helpful.

Knowing Your Allergens

You should understand that anything could be an allergen but certain substances, due to their chemical make-up, are more prone to generate an allergic reaction. Some of these include food, pollen, mold, dust, animal dander, feathers, chemicals, medicines like penicillin, and environmental pollutants. You could suffer from seasonal allergies like hay fever that is caused by pollen from elm, birch, maple, ash, poplar, beech, oak, walnut, cypress, sycamore, hickory, pecan, cottonwood, and alder.

Allergies are rarely life-threatening, but they can lead to a lot of changes in your life and reduce your productivity at work and school. When symptoms are not controlled, you may develop respiratory infections or sinusitis.

Treatment and Prevention

There are several nasal decongestant sprays, antihistamines, steroid sprays, and saline sprays that can be helpful. We will also guide you through proper environmental control. Depending on your degree of sensitivity to the allergen, your immunity can be strengthened with injections that build antibodies. Our specialists are well-trained to help you live a better life despite your allergies.

About Monument, CO

The town of Monument is a statutory town situated at the base of the Rampart Range in El Paso County of Colorado. It is bordered by Pike National Forest on the west, foothills and rock outcroppings to the north, rolling plains to the east, and Colorado Springs and the United States Air Force Academy to the south. It is named after Monument Creek and Monument Rock in the west. The Monument Rock Trail offers an easy walk through plains and woods with a little pond at the rock. The Lavelett Park offers learning and fun for the whole family with great summer concerts. Another attraction for everybody from ages 3 to adults is the Monument Ice Rinks offering twin rinks for hockey, figure skating, and even birthday parties.

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