Patients from Lone Tree can avail premier ear, nose, and throat healthcare services at the Associates of Otolaryngology. When you walk in for your consultation, our team of ENT specialists listens to your concerns patiently before offering medicines that are suited to your specific needs. You can depend on our years of experience as well as the expertise which is needed for these head, neck and facial procedures. Associates of Otolaryngology has been the most sought after center for more than 4 decades. When seeking exceptional services in the diagnosis and treatment of your ENT services, you can expect the best results at our center.

Among the many conditions our patients seek help for, sinusitis is an important one. Unfortunately, today more than 30 million people suffer from sinusitis in the US alone.

Sinus and allergy

Sinusitis is a medical issue that can lead to several other issues like breathing problems and disturbed sleep. It is important to understand that a cold or allergic reaction that does not settle in 10 days could affect your sinus cavities. At times, antibiotics or corticosteroids may also not help with your condition. Our center partners with different diagnostic facilities and pharmacies so that you can benefit from a comprehensive treatment and care package.

When medication ceases to aid with your condition, our experts recommend sinus surgery to get you the desired relief. This is essential when we have to remove damaged, infected or swollen tissue from the nose or remove the bone so that drainage for the mucus can be created. Nasal surgery is also used to remove a foreign object blocking the sinus or nasal passage in children or a growth in the nose or sinus in adults. In the case of chronic sinusitis, you can opt for endoscopic surgery that is less expensive and minimally invasive. A small endoscope is used to help remove small amounts of tissue and bone that has blocked the sinus passage. The surgical procedure is also useful in case of other nasal complications such as facial bones, brain abscess, or the development of pus in the sinus.

In addition to the functional endoscopic sinus surgery, severe sinusitis cases can also be treated with the use of a new technology called Image-Guided surgery. This is particularly helpful due to the fact that the sinuses are near the eye, brain and major arteries. Image-guided surgery is a 3D mapping system that combines real-time information and CT scan to show the exact position of the surgical instruments. This helps the surgeon to navigate through the complexity of the sinus passages, making it a precise surgical procedure. When you have been suffering from chronic or acute sinusitis, we will help you get relief with the best treatment option. Our patients from Lone Tree can breathe easy with these procedures at Associates of Otolaryngology:

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