Associates of otolaryngology offers its patients from Denver premier ear, nose, and throat healthcare services. We have been trusted by multi-generational families for over four decades. Our aim is to offer you undivided attention right from the initial consultation so that we can understand your concerns and offer optimal recommendations and medication based on your specific needs. Our team offers the perfect combination of experience, expertise, and artistic skills that are required for ears, nose, and throat procedures. When looking for the best in diagnosis and treatment, Associates of Otolaryngology offers you a team of experts to help achieve your desired results.

Ear services

When you walk in for a consultation, our ENT specialists will offer the best in diagnosis and treatment for any nose, ear, and throat conditions you may be suffering from. You can choose from a wide range of comprehensive treatment options offered at Associates of Otolaryngology. We also offer guidance and recommendations to help you change your lifestyle habits so that you do not merely get temporary relief from your symptoms but can enjoy good health in the long term. It is our aim to offer you a prompt and correct diagnosis in addition to unparalleled care. Denver patients can receive treatment for the following:

Nose services

Our patients require treatment for various nose concerns such as breathing issues, deviated septum, or sinusitis. Your nose is a complex organ with intricate sinus cavities, and our experts understand that these complexities and functionalities become apparent only when you are gripped by a cold that affects your breathing and sleep patterns. Our ENT specialists are aware of the various nose concerns patients experience and have the experience to help you restore your overall health. Treatments available include:

Throat services

When you are looking for a treatment to deal with a throat condition, our team starts by evaluating your medical history. This is followed by an evaluation of your current condition as well as a physical examination before we customize a treatment plan to meet your specific needs. Our team consists of specially trained audiologists and nurses who help you with allergy care and take care of your hearing needs. Patients from Denver who are suffering from a throat condition can find relief from the following conditions:

Sleep health

Healthy and consistent sleep every night is a necessity for your overall health. Unfortunately, there are many conditions which can affect a good night’s sleep; these include restless leg syndrome and snoring. Our ENT specialists offer a diagnosis of these conditions to offer you the best treatment leading to an improvement in your sleep habits. Our team can treat the following issues:

Sinus and allergy

Sinus issues can be a crippling medical concern that leads to breathing problems and disturbed sleep patterns. When your allergy or cold symptoms last for more than 10 days, it affects the sinus cavities. In some cases, even antibiotics or corticosteroids may not bring any relief to your symptoms. Associates of Otolaryngology partners with different diagnostic facilities and pharmacies to help you benefit from comprehensive treatments and appropriate sinus care. Read more about the following:


We care about your hearing issues, and when tinnitus or dizziness and imbalance begin to bother you, it could be due to an ear problem. Our ENT specialists offer an accurate diagnosis of any hearing issues you may be experiencing. A lot of people today are struggling with hearing loss problems, so our experts diagnose your issues and offer the best hearing aids for your needs. Our patients from Denver can choose from these expert services for any hearing issues:

Facial plastic surgery

Our ENT specialists offer facial plastic surgery procedures for all your medical and cosmetic requirements. We have partnered with Faces First Cosmetic Surgery led by Dr. Cote and Dr. Picerno to offer you unparalleled services. At Associates of Otolaryngology, your health and natural beauty is of utmost importance to us. It is our aim to help you look and feel your best with every procedure we offer so that you regain confidence in your appearance. Here are the facial surgery procedures our patients from Denver can choose from:

About Denver, CO

Denver is the capital and most populous municipality of Colorado. Officially the city and county of Denver, it is located in the South Platte River Valley on the western edge of the High Plains just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Denver was named the best place to live in the United States by U.S. News & World Report in 2016. As of 2006, Denver had more than 200 parks including the giant 314 acre City Park. Additionally, it maintains about 14,000 acres of mountain parks, including the Red Rocks Park which is famed for its scenery and musical history revolving around the unique Red Rocks Amphitheater. Denver also owns the mountain on which the Winter Park Resort ski area operates. There is much in way of nature and recreation for visitors to enjoy in Denver.


AOO | ENT Specialist of the Rockies is a practice that has been serving the Denver area for over 40 years. This group of board-certified physicians has exceptional experience treating multi-generational families and meeting their needs in ENT services, sleep health, sinus and allergy treatment, hearing treatment, and facial plastic surgery. Our team includes ENT physicians, specialty-trained nurses, audiologists, and plastic surgeons. In addition to outstanding routine care, our team is available 24/7 for emergencies

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